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What inspires me?

At a recent workshop, Dave Wethy said that each of us are the archivists of the present. A picture that you have taken today, may one day be the only record of that moment.
One thing we do need to do is document what our photographs are about… Who, What, Where, When. Dave’s words struck a cord and I intend to make sure I am not lazy, that I do document the information on the image as I process them.

The images in one of my projects are images that you probably will not see again. as a few months after they were taken, a massive earthquake changed the landscape forever, the seabed has risen, mountains slipped over the highway for miles.

You’ve taken a great photo – what now?

Morning, Happy Sunday. Boy, the weekends fly by, I started a new job Thursday, straight from our holiday in Otago back into a new role. But this role is 5 hours a day so I am hoping to have enough time to do more artistic endeavours each day - that may consist of...
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The World Around us

Landscape Photography

My first love of photography was landscapes, if I don’t have my camera gear in my car, I have my phone camera, which is a Huiwai P9+ and it has an awesome Lecia camera. I have often stopped driving ran out the car to grab a scene that has captured my eye.


Portrait photography can be created lots of ways, I like to create natural light portraits, although owning my own studio is a goal I hope to achieve soon.


I have always had a thing for stars, and living in Invercargill, New Zealand means dark skies are on my doorstep. My first Astrophotography outing was in Queenstown.
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About me

I have had a camera attached to my hip since my father handed me one when I was 9 years old. I love to capture the beauty of my surroundings.

The night sky and of course memorable moments in time.

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“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”
Ansel Adams

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